It’s been a spectacular show at the Paraty Club just outside of Shenzhen City (the city where Apple has its iphones and ipads made…near Hong Kong). I arrived at the club fairly late as it was very difficult to reach that area. I was scheduled to have a sound check at 5:30 pm but it didn’t happen until almost 7 pm. Club looked very well decorated. Still, some baroque style lights were hanging on the ceiling. The overall sound system was not properly equalized. When Theron and I tried our intro song out, it sounded really goofy. They also had this Rane Sixty-eight Mixer (which I hate beyond belief) because it is full of lighted buttons that become even more fluorescent when they are activated (that doesn’t make sense to me) and the volume sliders are too short. For this performance I specifically asked for 4 cdj players as I was remixing several songs. However only 3 decks could be accomodated. Space was not enough in the Dj console. My show started at 11 pm, Theron and I have worked on a very special intro song for that event. You can listen to the first 10 mins of our show which include the intro song + a track that we have been putting together lately and that we wanted to experiment.  (Special thanks go to Matthew for the awesome voice liner): paraty.mp3 (live audio recording from my iphone) Show had a break at 11:45 as there were some aerobic dancers and singers performing on cubes. The second part of my show started at 12:15 and I was supposed to perform till 1:00 but the crowd went crazy so I extended my performance till 1:30. That was a real fun night.