As everyone says: WELCOME TO ANAHEIM. It’s time for NAMM 2013

IMG_4240 IMG_4239

It’s been a great end of January. I believe his was one of the best NAMM I have ever attended.


Had the chance to meet and share ideas with Dennis De Santis (Head of documentation at Ableton) before he was going to do a demo on Ableton Live 9 + Push.

It was great to see the new smart Akai MPC, and the latest version of Protools. One of the greatest moment though was I discussed some projects and shared ideas with Alan Parsons (remember the song EYE in THE SKY?). Alan was telling me about his tour around recording studios in USA teaching the art of mixing and mastering as well as his new forthcoming album.

IMG_4248 IMG_4252

Nevertheless, Piooner DJ booth was awesome. Probably one of the largest booth at Namm. They had Dj consoles set up all the booth where people could actually try and play some music. Right in the middle of the booth they showcased  the new DJ setup with the CDJ Nexus (silver color photo below).

IMG_4214 IMG_4211

I was impressed to see how the MOOG company is doing really well now. Some iconic synthesizers  were displayed in their booth as well as the new FAT MOOG and MINI MOOG voyager. Great pieces of gear to have in your production room (I grabbed 2 bottles of water labeled MOOOOOOOOG, awesome!!)