A state of elegance. This performance was held in Shenzhen City (China). A very intense night. This is the guitar version of “Hang with me” by Robin, on guitar Theron Welch.

90 seconds of my Asia tour in 2011

One of the most exciting experience I have ever had. Visited places I have never thought they existed. Met great and wonderful people who, until now, are great friends. The music I performed touched so many fan’s hearts and that is all I wanted.

5th year Anniversary of Barz!ng club in Kuching Malaysia

Performing for the amazing Barz!ng club in Sarawak Kuching was just a unique experience. Edwin the master mind invited me to perform at this club several times before that event. For the 5th anniversary event I had prepared a very cool intro that you can listen to in the video and I was supported by guitarist Theron Welch during the whole performance where he added some live guitar parts to specific songs we played.

Xiamen City (Fujian China) Club 9

Theron and I flew from Shenzhen City to the beautiful Xiamen where we performed, among others, 2 original songs that we recorded. It was a a great experience. We had the chance to visit the neighborhood, a speedboard ride to the nearby island and we also got to taste some really good local cuisine.

Live performance of “Outside my window” guitar remix

This was the very first live performance that brought a deejay together with a guitarist. After several months of work on a famous track called “Outside my window” by the band FrozenTaco (we also shot a video clip which I will post sometime soon), Theron and I came up with the idea to perform this remix live in front of thousand of people. This very first performance took place in Haikou on the island of Hainan, south of China. It has been a great experience, as the stage was setup right on the beach. We had this huge crowd holding banners and dancing to the music we performed. I remember Theron being very nervous at the beginning, maybe because it was his first time to perform live in front of so many people. Also, a funny thing happened right before the performance. Hainan island is famous for coconut water. Theron was offered a full coconut and he drank the whole thing right before the performance. Luckily he could use the facilities 2 minutes before going on stage otherwise I bet he would have had not been able to hold it for the entire show.

…at tonga bar (Shenzhen China)

This was the first time I had the chance to have a real guitarist beside me while djing. The idea came up to me when I had the feeling that some dance tracks could have potentially had some interesting guitar parts added on top. I decided to work on that and I happened to know that Theron Welch had a band called FrozenTaco and he was one of the song writer and guitar player. I met with him and had a good chat and together we took the decision to give it a try performing at a friend’s birthday party in Shenzhen City (China). It was a success and thanks to the video that was shot that night, we had the chance to let the world know that performing any type of music is an art.