alicia keys falling davides succi

Alicia Keys Fallin' Davide Succi Club mix

I have been invited to work on the remix of this song of Alicia Keys – Fallin’. I have had such a great time to re-elaborate the whole song.

Being a down tempo (slow) song and not in 4/4 pattern, it has been challenging to adjust the vocals to a house music tempo.

So my idea was to keep its originality as much as possible and of course make it available for the dance-floor. I thought that a 128 BPM drum beat would really be the best fit for this song.

I added some synth pads and bass, kept the original notes for the piano roll. I wanted to have a quick intro part that brings some kind of expectation and make it easier for the DJs to mix it.

You can still hear some quick breaks in the song where only Alicia Key’s voice is dominant. Thanks to my team-mate Theron Welch who came up with some guitar ideas, we added new brilliant guitar arrangements.