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Bruce Lee….Deejay?
I have been asked the following question: “Davide, do you think this photo is real?” My answer: with all the software available nowadays it is hard to judge, however let’s analyse: in this photo, legendary martial...Read more
USA Namm 2013 Davide Succi & Alan Parsons Project
As everyone says: WELCOME TO ANAHEIM. It’s time for NAMM 2013 It’s been a great end of January. I believe his was one of the best NAMM I have ever attended. Had the chance to meet...Read more
Djing: the old school VS the new school. Button pushers?
I should mention that I am a DJ myself, this has been my career/passion for over 15 years. Nowadays DJs move from club booths to medium-large festival stages, the equipment itself has also become varied. And...Read more
International DJ set
In the last several months I have worked a lot on new remixes and very new layered sounds/beats.  I am still working on a very classic Spanish tune that I hope I can finish before summer...Read more
Christmas Djset – European tour and much more
It’s been a great year full of surprises, travelling, success and satisfactions. It’s been intense too but worthy every single minute. This new post is very special: – It contains my latest selections of tracks –...Read more
Highlights from the USA 2011 tour
So, here we are. A quick post with photos taken during my recent USA 2011 Davide Succi tour as well as a new DJ set/podcast featuring the tracks that I have selected the most in my...Read more
Davide Succi feat. Alicia Keys Fallin’ Club mix
I have been invited to work on the remix of this song of Alicia Keys – Fallin’. I have had such a great time to re-elaborate the whole song. Being a down tempo (slow) song and...Read more

About 70 mins of music. Most played tracks during Davide Succi’s Asian tour 2011 May 2011 [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

It’s been a great event at the “Palace 18” (DG city) sponsored by a fresh new comer in the wine business from New Zealand. Sorrounded by fancy baroque decorations, a superb and impeccable service as well…Read more

March through June 2011 over 90 days of musical journey with stops in: Borneo Malaysia Phillipines Korea Hong kong China Vietnam and more to come… Davide Succi and  American guitarist Theron Welch will be performing together…Read more

Dress Code : Gold / Fashion Look ::::: SPECTACULAR 5 GOLDEN SHOW featuring ::::: • DJ DAVIDE SUCCI – world top DJ supported by guitar Live Show • LIVE GUITARIST THERON mixed with DJ DAVIDE SUCCI…Read more

We had an awesome time in Xiamen!  Gorgeous place, Club 9!  Really nice decoration and an awesome sound system.  I recommend it to everyone!  We spent the next day touring around the city and visited the…Read more

We had our first trip to Haikou on Hainan Island for two performances at the “International Electronic Music Festival”.  They really did a great job at putting this event together.  Also, they took great care of…Read more

A cool event held in Kuala Lumpur at the KL live center on December 24th till 25th! The Glam Slam 2009, with the cool piooner of fashion house music Davide Succi as main Deejay along with…Read more

Dec. 1st – Malaysian DJ roadshow tour. 32 Events in the most beautiful cities of Malaysia. Davide Succi and Asia Dolls will tour 6 cities including Kuala Lumpur, Pennang, Ipoh, Malacca, Johor Bahru. Davide Succi is…Read more

It’s been a luxury night at the Shenzhen Sheraton Hotel. Mercedes Benz organized an international fashion party event. Music performed by guest DJ Davide Succi was electro sound, funky house and popular hits. Some photos from…Read more

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