Bruce Lee Deejay - Davide Succi comments

Bruce Lee Deejay – Davide Succi’s comments

I have been asked the following question: “Davide, do you think this photo is real?” My answer: with all the software available nowadays it is hard to judge, however let’s analyse: in this photo, legendary martial arts guru Bruce Lee is pretending to be a DJ. He is using a pair of Technics SL-1200 turntables. Considering that Bruce Lee died in July 1973 and that Technics SL-1200 was a series of turntables manufactured from October 1972 until 2010 by Matsushita under the brand name of Technics, this could be a real photo. However there are 2 things that¬†leave me a little sceptical:
1 – the headphones. I can’t really see what brand they are and the design seems to be too modern.
2 – the LP sleeve in the back seems to be the one of Serato Scratch live as well as the labels on the vinyls.
Does anyone have any comments on this photo?